Fountain 47 Lightning – Lightning Strikes Again


Fountain Powerboats beautifully updates the timeless 47 Lightning.

By Gregg Mansfield

Years ago, a family friend was asking why the sandbar scene was so popular. After describing my few experiences on Arizona’s Lake Havasu and near Florida’s Key West, he began to understand the appeal.

“It’s just fun,” he said.

Whether the updated Fountain 47 Lightning is at the sandbar or running well past 120 mph, fun is the best word to describe the boat. Fountain kicked it up a notch, creating a custom sport boat that would make company founder Reggie Fountain proud.

Long proven on the offshore racing circuit, Fountain’s Super-Ventilated Positive Lift Hull gets the most out of the staggered Mercury Racing Dual Cal 1550/1350 engines. Running with the engines set for 1,350-hp apiece, the 47 Lightning hit a 125-mph top speed on the GPS. Crank up the horsepower and the boat will run significantly faster.

Putting the boat through a series of turns on the Pamlico River in Washington, North Carolina, the hull stayed connected and easily ran through river chop.

From the docks, it’s easy to spot some of the changes made to the cockpit on the 47 Lightning. Fountain went with a frameless tinted windshield, replacing the heavy-duty frame used on older models.

“A complaint we heard was that the frame was in the line of the sight,” said Brett Palaschak, design engineer for Iconic Marine Group. “The driver had to either look above or below it, so this fixes that issue.”

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